Leading Home Care Provider, CareFinders Total Care, Delivers Bold Response to Coronavirus With Appreciation Pay for All Employees

Healthcare professionals are on the front line of fighting the coronavirus outbreak across the country.  And the home care workforce, including Caregivers, Field Nurses, and Certified Home Health Aides, are selflessly trying to keep the most vulnerable populations safe at home in order to help reduce the influx of non-emergency patients into already over-crowded hospitals and emergency facilities.

CareFinders, the leading home healthcare provider in the Northeast, has announced this week that all employees will receive appreciation pay effective immediately. “All of our employees have gone above and beyond the call to action during this crisis. Our field-based, front-line home health aides and nurses who are caring for frail elderly patients in their homes have shown outstanding courage and dedication,” said Jim Robinson, CEO. “This extra hourly pay serves as a token of our appreciation for their service and hard work during these unprecedented times. Appreciation Pay is one example of the many ways we are choosing to recognize the bravery and spirit of excellence that defines our courageous workforce.”

The COVID-19 outbreak sheds light on the fragility of the healthcare system in our country and reminds us of the importance of home-based care, an often overlooked but essential service. “When the COVID pandemic does finally pass, CareFinders caregivers will still be here, ensuring that our patients can remain in their homes safely and comfortably. Perhaps one of the many lessons from this pandemic will be to remember those who are out on the front lines, providing the last mile of care to our most vulnerable populations,” said Robinson. “That would be a truly meaningful step forward for the future of healthcare in our country. And we intend to help lead the way.”​

About CareFinders Total Care, LLC

CareFinders is the largest personal home care agency in New Jersey and provides home healthcare services to over 8,500 patients throughout New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania from 28 offices. CareFinders was founded in 1995 and in New Jersey is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation on Home Care (CAHC). It employs over 7,600 Certified Home Health Aides and over 180 Registered Nurses and LPNs. For more information, visit www.carefinders.org.


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